Sunday, January 31, 2010


Michael Aronov, writer and star
at the opening night party of MANIGMA
at the Clurman Theater on Theater Row
Photo by Eric Roffman

Michael Aronov is a terrific actor, bringing energy, humor and a distinctive personality to each of the characters he portrays in his one-man show, Manigma, currently playing (for just a few more days! scheduled to close on Feb 6) at the Clurman Theater on Theater Row (West 42nd Street in New York).

There will be no spoilers here. I won't even tell you what "manigma" means. And I urge you not to look it up until after the show. For the evening is full of surprises as each character's monolog provides a different perspective, all illuminating the essence of manigma. Better to let the evening come at you.

I will mention that Aronov has had many awards, and distinguished leading roles, including Dionysus in The Bacchae, where his portrayal infused his own sense of the masculine and feminine duality of the Greek god into the performance.

Manigma is being produced by a young and strong team including Jonathan Blitstein (whose film, Let Them Chirp Awhile -- The Movie , has just become available on Netflix) and Jennifer Makholm, a playwright and actress, as well as producer; her play "Faith in Humanity" is part of "The Required Reading Series," first readings of new plays. (Note: Originally scheduled for Jan-Mar, the Reading Series has been postponed and is being rescheduled.)

After you've seen the show (!) here's the meaning of "manigma:"

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