Wednesday, November 11, 2009


As part of LAByrinth Theater Company's exemplary Master Class Program, an incredibly diverse group of 16 ACTOR-DIRECTOR-WRITER-PRODUCERs (yes, quadri-hyphenates all) were challenged last Monday (11/9) to write, rehearse, produce and PUT ON LIVE FOR A LIVE AUDIENCE a REAL THEATRICAL EVENT! before next Monday (11/16 -- yep, that's 7 days).

The show will be Sunday evening (11/15) 8:00 PM
at 31-08 Northern Boulevard in Long Island City
with refreshments & discussion with the artists to follow.

Watch this space for more news (Bookmark this address!)!!

LAByrinth Theater Company assembled for this Master Class a diverse team: Each member falls somewhere differently in the actor-director-writer-producer (artist, musician) spectrum, tho' all are challenged to contribute to any and all specialties, especially not their own.

Athletic ability ranges from near couch-potato to near super-athlete; experience and age range from younger and recently in college to older and taught in college; employers range from steak houses to gourmet restaurants to colleges to self-employed to unemployed; ethnicities and nationalities range all over the place; talent and enthusiasm range from very high to very high!

Here's the "official" announcement:

LAByrinth Theater Company Master Class November 2009 Presents:

Elegies, etc...
Scenes from a funeral parlor

Sunday Nov. 15th at 8pm
3108 Northern Blvd.
Long Island City
[closest subway: N or W to 39th Ave.]

Entrance is FREE, refreshments, a sumptuous Portuguese dinner and discussion with the artists will follow. Running time: approx. 45 minutes.

In a series of vignettes, the performance explores with introspection, wit and humor our reactions and relation to death and loss: why do we mourn and for whom? In ELEGIES, ETC… the parlor becomes the space where the heroes open their hearts in ways they never have before, proving that, indeed, funerals are for the living.

As part of a class project, the 16 young dynamic artists of the LAByrinth Theater Master class joined forces to create this performance from scratch in less than a week. This is your opportunity to watch passionate art in the making!

Written by: Ernio Hernandez, Geoff Schuppert and Jonathan Blitstein.

Directed and performed by the Ensemble: Anastasia Morsucci, Brandon Scott Hughes, Danielle DeVito, Aktina Stathaki, Eric Roffman, Giovanni Sanseviero, Greg Seel, Jack Barley, Katie Van Rensalier, Mia Mountain, Rachael Richman, Sara Kubida, Soraya Butler, Ernio Hernandez, Geoff Schuppert, Jonathan Blitstein

Produced by the Ensemble.

Poster Design by Katie Van Rensalier

Check the Facebook Group The LAByrinth Theater Master Class 2009 for more info.

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Giovanni sanseviero said...

This is a fun group and the LAByrinth Theater Company is on the mark with, pound for pound, the best instructors in the theatrical industry.
No BS, it's all about the work- from development to curtain falls. And if you don't understand "ensemble" by the end of their teachings, you'll need to get back into your dingy and just row away!