Saturday, December 8, 2007


One of the best sources of information about theater, for anyone interested in producing, investing, or just understanding commercial theater, is CTI. CTI: The Commercial Theater Institute, has several programs of increaing depth that provide a basic to fairly advanced understanding of what it means to create a commercial theater production.

The first program they have, which is a prerequisite for the others, is a three day weekend seminar headlined by active producers of current shows, and other experts, on Broadway development. (I've taken this seminar and it is terrific!) They have a more advanced fourteen day program and a Creative Development Intensive seminar.

Dates for the 2008 3 day seminar have been announced: May 2 - 4 2008. Here is the description from CTI:

Three Day Program
A Program for Prospective Producers, General Managers and Investors

Open to anyone interested in producing, co-producing or investing in the commercial theatre - Broadway, Off Broadway, Touring Broadway, and elsewhere - this program takes place over a weekend each spring. The 2008 edition will be May 2 - 4.

Held at a Broadway or Off Broadway theatre near Times Square, the program offers practical information of interest to prospective producers, general managers, and investors.

Each session consists of presentations and panel discussions with experienced producers, general managers, entertainment attorneys, and managing directors who offer specific case histories that illustrate the various means of developing theatrical productions.

This program is of special interest to anyone exploring relationships between the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors in the development of a theatre project.

CTI 3-Day Program
May 2 - 4 2008
Fee: $435.00
Please check back in February 2008 for registration information.

You may add your name to their mailing list and they will contact you when the program is opened for registration:

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